Car Body Shop

When it comes to carbody/carrosserie, we bring the best paint, paint booth brands, equipment and couple it with best trained and experienced technicians to ensure a superior sustainable result for your car all at Dubai’s most reasonable rates

Paints & Paints Mix Unit


R-M is our choice of paint since 2011, R-M is a subsidiary of the famous German Group “BASF”, producing quality Paint for almost a century. R-M Local representative “Al Dahiya” has been more than a supportive business partner and has proven worthy of representing R-M in the UAE/Dubai.

R-M’s resources & unparalleled experience, flexibility and focus on choosing qualified distributors ensures the brand continues to provide the highest level of support and partnership with its innovative, user-friendly, sustainable solutions and high color competence – always to ensure a our customer satisfaction.

It is important to clarify for our clients that 4xforce chooses the best paint in the world to ensure their satisfaction and the quality of work/service we provide them with.


Paint Booth


Incorporated half a century ago by Italian President Luciano Giangolini, Termomeccanica is world’s #1 Car Spray Booth manufacturer and distributor. Again, there was no compromise when 4xforcemotors was considering the investment for the additional invaluable service in-house for our clients.

4xforcemotors denters and painters are among the best in Dubai. They are trained and experienced in handling the most valuable of cars, reading, mixing, and applying colors of the most sophisticated of projects.